Obamaites must GO! Sorry, but it’s time we had people with EXPERIENCE in-charge of our government. Despite what you may think, the Obamaites’ performance  definitely doesn’t reflect the high hopes their electorate had for them. What is an Obamaite? The Obamaite is a progressive socialist politician. Politicians aren’t necessarily the elected kind. They are the appointed kind, but still Politicians.

I find it hard when I hear a congressman talk about 5 million new jobs or how they got Osama or any other overblown outright lie they put out.Thats on both sides. The feeling most people get is that they don’t care about the country, they only care about themselves. These people go to Washington to REPRESENT all the people not just their political party hacks and patrons. Do their constituents back home not see this? Because they sure feel the results their representatives deliver. Do they voice their displeasure? NO, or at least none anyone can poll.

When you’re out on the streets with your eyes open, you see ever increasing  lines of idle youths and young families waiting for a bed at the local shelter.  The people in those lines are getting older as inflation eats away at already over stretched retirement funds. Sure, there is Social Security, but for a single person collecting only the minimum of $467.00, that’s not enough. You start to realize those phony job figures don’t reflect those who dropped out of the system. Job and jobless figures shown by the Government are kept smaller to put politicians in a more favorable light thus helping reelections. In reality, numbers are up for methadone clinics and persons on food stamps along with numerous food oriented government programs. I forgot to mention EBT cards that add cash. There’s section 8 housing filled with people who are no longer included in the unemployment figures. Let’s not even look at the rise in disability claims. Why work when the government will take care of you? Benefits they call them? What’s the benefit of 3 – 4 generations of welfare. No, we are just ignorant and that can be corrected. Look at what government help in the form of programs and policies have done to the American Indian, who really aren’t from India. Check their stats.  Ignorance is cured with education and there is plenty of info available on both sides of any question. Who cares what they call you? Stick to what they have done to YOU: 23 million out of work, 16 trillion in debt, over 7% on unemployment rolls and most know it’s really 14-18% that are actually unemployed. Prisons filling up with nonviolent offenders at $50,000.00 to $65,000.00 a year to house each prisoner. I could go on and on, but, we are not  getting into the HOW did we get these results. WE got these results by not paying attention to who or what we elect to office. Our society’s present direction will, in the long term, lead us to destruction. As for me, I don’t want to live on welfare or in a welfare society. I have seen what the results are and they aren’t good. Welfare becomes misguided, leading to low income housing that grows into slums with all the high crime and filth. Families are reduced to a single parent because with no dad they get more welfare.

Worry not, the Politicians, God love them, have awakened the sleeping giant.

With the state of communications today, EVERYONE has the ability to get their message out. An active internet is more powerful than the so-called mass media made up of Ink and Dead Tree newspapers, T.V. networks that reflect the views of a narrow executive or even big web sites that cater to a very narrow short line of thought. They, while having the same abilities as everyone else, lack  emotional motivation because they are slaves parroting a version of their publishers’ ideology with no real commitment of their own. On any issue a good and evil, a + or -, kind of thing exists with all sides thinking they are right. Most get their talking points from on high that they are paid to expand on.

There was a time when we actually looked up to our Politicians. They were seen as national father figures and we expected them to be better and wiser. They didn’t have the scrutiny the politicians of today have. They laid the ground work that created today’s politics.  Do we really need  father figures or do we need executives to run our country in accordance with the CONSTITUTION? Our Government has gotten so far away from the CONSTITUTION they are sworn to uphold and defend, it will take a major effort to get it back on track. It can be done and an educated electorate can do it. Not collage or University educated, I mean reading and thinking of what the long term ramifications of what you read, hear or see will be. Believe you can and with effort it will be!