Internet Marketing or, As Practiced Today, FLOGGING:

I respond to an email, I click on an interesting add  link and #1. I sign with my email address into the opt-in page and read the pitch; #2. I PAY for a basic package and click the link that will download my stuff. Do I get the stuff? NO. I’m offered a more expensive version without knowing if or HOW the initial version works. When you decline that; #3. you are offered a smaller, less expensive version. #4. Finally you clicked “No thank you, please take me to my download”. That’s an example of a working funnel, continued up-sell. This is working how? Well, it tells most people that all this seller is interested in is up-selling without having to show any practical results. In sales and marketing that’s referred to as flogging.

Probably the first few times you went through one of those things, you felt like “what the heck is going on here?” In fact, that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. It’s because these funnels are designed to work on preconditioned minds. That’s what, they think, if you are the owner of the funnel and the money is going into your account, you think WOW. The long term results would be better if, #1. you opt-in, #2. you get the results promised using the seller’s stuff and #3. you, craving more, click the upgrade button. Every seller tells you,


“I want you to know that it’s really not that difficult to execute these computer age tasks, even if you don’t know how to do a lot of things on the computer. If you know how to click and read text on your screen, and  type a little bit and send and receive email, then you pretty much have everything it takes to physically make tons of money online”. BUT! HOW MANY SHOW YOU HOW TO.

The other day I clicked a pitch. The vid was long, so/as I clicked off, it asked me to stay on the page. I did and it came back, all 9,880 words of the text, trying to sell a $49.00 one year tip letter. I clicked it off. POP UP says stay on this page, I click ok and am offered a $29.00 6 mo. deal. Not bad just too long.

Another offered me FIVE stay on this pages. These page started at #1. $149.00  to #5. that was $9.95 with bonuses. The $149.00 was old stuff that has been over used and Google would more than likely ban you for life. Besides how well would it work on my MAC? Internet Marketing takes buyer beware to a new level of low

Digital Sales and Marketing are different. The steps are pretty much the same, OPEN, BODY, CLOSE. The way it is presented is where the difference lies. Person to person is easier.