ABOUT jhamadey


About jhamadey. I was born in Yonkers, New York a long time ago on a rainy April morning. My Mom came from Maine. My Pop from Yonkers N.Y.. As a boy I lived in N.Y., Maine, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  At 17, I joined the Air Force and flew as an In-flight Refueling Specialist and for 9 years traveled to most every country that was. Having done that to damn near death, I got out of the Air Force and in to the Beauty Industry. There I did everything from Hairdresser, Salon Owner, Product Sales & Marketing to designing and manufacturing my own line of hair care. I also did hair shows all over the world and wrote 2 industry oriented books. I love the beauty industry. Having done just about everything in the industry and looking for a new challenge, I moved from Vancouver B.C. Canada to central Maine, kinda coast to coast, Country to Country. Yes, I have duel citizenship. I was thinking about retiring but I could no more retire than I could  fly unaided. So I started buying houses, fixing them up and renting them out. That led me to starting a property management and maintenance business. The real estate bust combined with heating fuel costs took out the houses which didn’t  hurt me. The rental business was a pain but it presented an opportunity to expand the maintenance business. That has pretty much grown to where my partner in the business runs it, leaving me TIME to explore other areas such as sales and marketing.  An area of the beauty industry that was new when I took my first shot at it was web marketing around 1992-3. I built a site with Adobe Page Mill (a precursor to GoLive) on a non power mac that cost about $6,000.00 at that time. The results were not good. I was getting the hits and a lot of page clicks, but, no sales and no response. In 1995 I took the site down vowing to return when I could figure out how to make a buck or two with a web site and not have to go through an excruciating learning curve to do it. Well, the excruciating learning curve is still there, but one day I noticed at the bottom of a web page the words Affiliate Program. I clicked it. The tact they used made an online business seem real do-able. The process was simplified but not simple. I would need to follow directions written by another mind. But, with tools and guidance, I Knew I would have the shorter learning curve I was looking for. Good things always take time and I was not interested in just a presence on the web for MY site. I wanted one that was profitable and achievable even for a beginner which is what I am. I tried to forgot all I thought I knew about web sites. What I knew got me zip. “I had nothing to lose.” SO, after much research I have started doing this Word Press site and in about 60 days from 4/30/2013 I should have something. Internet Marketing is my final frontier, MAYBE.


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