Society Today, You Can Almost Smell The FEAR:

Society today is approaching what, some would say, a state of FEAR. The Rich, the Middle class and the Poor, are all in fear of loss. Fear of what exactly? You name it. Their emotions reflect their thoughts, Twitter and Facebook are dripping with fear motivating topics. Obama this, Obama that but it’s not only Obama. It’s not just one individual no matter who or what they are. Nor is it a group, Liberal, Conservative, Republican or Democrat or Tea-Party. Does it stem from a vast international group, the IMF, the World Bank even our own Federal Reserve Banking system? Wait, is it the international big business conspiracy? They all feed the fears. It’s thousands of people, CEO’s, groups, organizations, governments including you that had a hand in creating what society is going through at this time. There is no one single thing you can put at fault. Sorry but thats it, EVERYONE is at fault.

The negative consciousness of society is our fault and don’t forget You are part of the our. Look in the mirror. Who or what do you blame or hold at fault? Not you I’ll bet. Ask yourself; what have I done to make things better; did I vote; did I get involved in any positive way; did I try to understand both sides of an issue; did I donate to what I believed to be true, $ or time; did I do anything  to make things better or did I just go around shooting my ignorant mouth off.

It takes a major percentage of society going in the same direction to affect a shift of consciousness that leads to change. Leadership is the key needed to shift societal consciousness. That Leadership is greatly lacking in society today. The fragmented group at the top that we think of as leadership works toward goals that they lack the ability to define. Subsequently the results tend to arrive with an obfuscation of freedoms for those they are trying to lead.

Our society has been manipulated and maneuvered by governments, religions, political action groups and an economy that develops and maintains a negative state. That’s how a society creates a reality for itself.

A physical manifestation based on negative state of mind is not going to be a good experience. To-date this is self evident across our society.


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